Here comes Notes; Notes is going to be all that's going on in our heads here at As One, what's going on in the world, and perhaps some commentary on both.

We'll take your notes on Notes and we'll make it into something informative, rambling and epic. So feel free to chip in.


Super Powers

Cold Water Immersion - Based on the evidence, there's nothing that should stop most people doing this (Save for all those that may not be suited to shockingly cold water). Benefits include improved lymphatic circulation, improved CV circulation, reduced muscle inflammation, boosts happiness levels, increased weight loss. Sounds like a wonder drug, and one that I've decided I'm gonna start taking. (No wetsuit silly face!)

Running with friends

There's so many reasons to choose running. I've been playing around with the idea of setting up a running club with a twist. I've done the stupid bit of naming it, so that it is in fact a "thing". I've also told people about it, so now I feel even more compelled to do it. Vice Run Club will be a regular, weekly, run that is coupled with a vice. 

So we(me and nobody else at the moment), would run with a view to having a beer, or a coffee, or a shot of something stronger afterwards!

The benefits of running, then coupled with running with friends, then coupled with running followed by a vice...mmmmm, on fire!

Tell us what you think and whether you'd come along for the ride.


Here's some stuff we're (I'm) loving at the moment:

James talking to a few people about getting your shit together, the history of humans and where we may be going. Altucher makes me laugh, as every time I listen to him I re-realise that we're all still just trying to work it out. Life is fluid, organic and always changing, and therefore we have to be iterative and pliable to the unseen bends.

Surf Shacks. I love small houses, I think we should all love small, as-self-sustaining-as-possible houses. Preferably wooden, black weatherboard, outdoor shower, rainwater retrieval, renewables powered, Tesla battery nestled in the outhouse, small parcel of land growing everything we need because we turned vegan, micro-brewery in the garage next to a fully stacked calisthenics gym. Too much?

Harbour Beer. As a "newbie" (hate that phrase) to Cornwall I'm just blown away by the food and alcohol. So likely this first choice will change, blossom, explode into many many other brands. But loving Harbour at the moment.

Oddisee. What They'll Say. The Good Fight.

Get in touch, tell us whats going on. Love!