Back with another injection of notes for those that wanna dig into what we're up to, what we're reading, what we're excited about.

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The Shake Shack recipe book

Have you ever had a Shake Shack burger or Concrete? If you love a good, simple burger, then grab one. They exceed your expectation of what is essentially a few patties, some veg and sauce inside 2 toasted buns! 

But now they're sharing the stories and the recipes! I love it when brands decide to do things like this. It brings you deeper into what makes them tick. I doubt I'll ever make a Shake Shack burger, but I love this. Dig in...



Slowly, slowly, softly, softly, quietly, quiet. I've been noticing these guys posting on instagram and gathering momentum. What they're putting out looks sickeningly cool. Yum I want.

We'll head down to Kudhva very soon and most likely wander around amazing and feel lucky we're surrounded by peeps and nature like this.

Their tree tents look like a real release, and they're on Air BnB...I'm taking Niv just for the wonder and adventure -

Take a look, decide for yourself.


Henderson Island

Sometimes you read a story that blows your mind. Plastic use, and plastics in the ocean is deservedly receiving a lot of press at the moment. But when you actually see the pure waste, destruction and impact our use of plastics is having, it hits hard.

I used to live Middle East, and the trash you see on pretty much every Arabian Gulf beach, is horrendous. Some of the beaches in Oman are thick, deep in washed up plastics. 

Just sharing, backing the girls and boys working on this huge problem.


Nike's LED running track

It's a gimmick, it's not real, it's Nike! They say. I say it looks rad, and I'd love to give it a go. It has echoes of the public spaces envisaged in Minority Report. It's a use of LED and tracking  tech that gets me excited.

It's gamifying the run, gamifying in the right way. It makes me think of the ghost kart in Mario Kart. Straight-up I run in Nike, I run a lot and I want to run this track.

Having heard a lot about what Nike are on the verge of releasing in terms of their running tech and NTC elements, this is just the start of an AR approach to athletic performance.


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