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1. Tell us about you.

I’m Harriet Frost….Against my own modest ways I am proud to say I have my own 1 year old business, I can work from anywhere in the world that has a good Wifi connection and I have 14 awesome clients and counting. I am a Virtual Assistant, a term I admittedly don’t actually like myself but it’s the closest thing to date that sums up what I do. In simple terms I work with busy, awesome people helping them with whatever they may need assistance with, whether that be market research, social media, email and calendar management, content creation, web design and generally anything business operational, organisational tasks I can put my hands to. 


2. What is your deep reason for choosing the path you're taking? Your "why"?

Since I can remember I have always wanted my own business. It was merely a case of not having my eureka moment of what my unique, first of it’s kind business was going to be. Instead it’s happened naturally and while Virtual Assistants may not be a totally new concept, the way I work is pretty unique and special. I get to work with lots of different businesses doing new things for the first times and helping them create their dreams whilst building mine alongside. 



3. What is the big dream, or legacy you're creating?

Sod it - I want an empire. Not just for the money, yer that will be nice, but for the community. I think I would make a good boss. Having worked in a whole array of jobs when I was younger; dishwasher, waitress, chamber maid, stewardess on super yachts in Miami, taxi driving through the night in Newquay, care work and numerous more random unlinked jobs all before I was 23 before I hit the corporate life in London I had some of the best and worst bosses. Someone once said to me success is measured when you can give someone else a career….I think that would be pretty cool, to inspire and help to shape someone else’s path.  


4. What piece of advice would you give to your younger self? 

Just because you find something easy, doesn’t mean everyone else does so back yourself and value yourself, not necessarily to other people but inside your own head. Smile at that stranger, say hello to everyone on your morning walk, dance with your arms in the air (I was actually given that advice and its great!), be ok with awkward silences, read more and worry less. 


5. What companies/projects inspire you?

Companies which focus on their employees first and look after their business from the inside out creating an awesome culture and therefore having a team that wants to do their best at work. I worked for a company in Australia called Culture Amp who are all about this and building the ‘People Geek’ community worldwide! 

I also love companies that have schemes in place to give back in some way, either to charity or in a more individual way, like how TOMS gives a pair of shoes to a person in need every time a pair is purchased. It’s just simple, cool, be kind sort of stuff and I can’t wait to do something like this myself. 

I am inspired every day by people that just work hard, don’t complain and get stuff done! I dabble in a bit of endurance sports, Ironman 70.3s, last year I did a 100k ultra marathon which was initially inspired by a Billy Yang You Tube vide. A Life In A Day follows 4 women running Western States 100 miles which basically talked about running 100 miles is like living one life in a day, you have to break yourself down and rebuild yourself. That sort of stuff inspires me, I hope to crack 100miles one day not too far away. 

Strong, savvy people like Sheryl Sandberg and Turia Pitt  inspire me through their no bullshit, no sympathy, just get on and do it attitude, they are killing it at life despite having some pretty major speed bumps along the way, they make me realise how easy and lucky I have got it. No excuses. The one thing we all have that’s the same is the 24 hours in the each day….Hence my business moto, Don’t be Busy: Be Productive. 


6. What does your industry/Cornwall/location need to see more of?

Cornwall will always be home for me, although I have been floating around Australia and New Zealand for the last few years I have spent some time at home and what I have learnt from being away is to appreciate, respect and value Cornwall, it’s one of the most stunning places I have ever been and totally under appreciated. 

Yes it might not have the money of London, the jobs of London and variety of opportunities, but it is different and has the beauty and lifestyle. There are a lot of similarities with Australia and New Zealand but the difference is I see appreciation and people being proud and boastful about it there and less so in Cornwall. It’s a shame. 

People need to support local business, respect the lifestyle, people, jobs and put more value to this in a monetary and social regard. A perfect example is Lifeguards, often seen as a summer job for young surfers, when in fact they are saving lives daily, putting themselves in danger and getting little if no recognition in way of pay or respect. Lifeguarding is seen as a serious Monday - Friday lifetime career in Australia, the weather shouldn’t be an excuse for such a difference.



7. What’s the most exciting thing you’re working on now?

I feel it would be like asking someone to pick a favourite child to name the single one project out of all my clients I am most excited about and it may be a bit of a cliche but I genuinely love the variety of working across so many different things every day. With my word for 2018 being expansion I guess I am most excited about expanding my business model, I love thinking about the direction my business is going to go, I have a few big dreams I am working towards over the next few years and that excites and scares me a lot.  


8. What problem in the world do you see that you’re fixing? 

I would like to think with most of my clients being in the health and wellness space they are in their own way solving problems, whether it be people’s physical or mental health….yes it may not be world problems but with every person we have the chance to make a bigger difference so who knows potentially I’m helping the foundations or someone who is doing ‘bigger things’. That aside as my business grows I really want to invest my time, money and efforts to a bigger project….but undecided on what this will be just yet. I am definitely becoming more conscious on a daily of the little changes we can all make though, re-using a water bottle, eating less meat, not using plastic bags and picking up that rubbish that someone less conscious dropped!



9. If you could go back, what's one thing you would have done differently? 

Although there has been times I wish I could have skipped over at the time, with my role now being so broad and diverse I just don’t think I could have been without the skills I have learnt along the way…including the silly skills! However I do sometimes wish I had just got started earlier, played a little less safe, been a little naughtier and taken more risks! 


10. Who has been the most help to you along the way? And why?

Now this one is pretty easy, although not short….I am beyond lucky to have an army of supporters. Starting with my parents, who are always there, backing me no matter what, I honestly don’t know where or who I would be without them, they are one majorly amazing support blanket for me and my two favourite people! 

When I had my 3 years of corporate life in London I was lucky enough to work for an amazing boutique headhunters where some incredible individuals shaped me, taught me and still mentor me to this day. I learnt about strong women, company values, how to work hard and earn respect and so much more.  Andrew Woods being my boss and now great friend was central to this and I will be forever thankful to him and JCA Group for the start of my career in so many ways. 

And the army is beefed up with my family of friends, having been somewhat flightly and nomadic you realise there are some friends you will never shake, who will always be there for you and know you better than you know yourself sometimes, they all know who they are (mainly because I pester them a lot). Rosie Mansfield gave me the push I needed to start my Virtual Assistant business last year, I honestly think I could still be pondering ideas if it wasn’t for her. Hannah Ross has put a roof over my head, food in my belly, a whole lot of love in my heart whilst getting my business going and for as long as I’ve been able to dance with my arms above my head with her by my side, she knows me better than I know myself and I have so much to thank her for! 

I am one very lucky girl to have such a great army.


Feel free to give some love to anyone else out there doing great things.

There are so many people doing awesome things but specifically in Cornwall I have to give a shout out to some of my girl squad; Corinne Evans, Lauren Turner and Laura Cameron. Corinne has inspired so many women into surfing and is all about creating a safe environment to encourage more women into the sport and build confidence. Lauren Turner, she invests so much of her own time into volunteering for Surf Life Saving GB and has single handedly set up the first One Wave community in the UK. As for Laura Cameron she is constantly kicking career goals and collecting awards left right and centre for her work in hospitality and jeez that girl is not shy of hard work.

Who do you need to be connected to? Who can help you?

As I have mentioned my word for 2018 is expansion so I am always looking for new people to work with, people who are doing awesome things and need a little help here and there. I also love to bounce ideas around and have several legends I have regular FaceTimes with. It can be a little isolating working remotely so it’s good to be able to share ideas so always up for connecting with anyone with shared interests! 

How can people get in touch?

Email: hello@harriet-frost.com - Sign up to newsletter on there to keep up to date with what I’m up to, who I work with and anythings else that I feel like sharing monthly. 

Website: www.harriet-frost.com 

Instagram: hfrosty87